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The mission of Choose to Care is to provide shoes for children and young adults around the world.

Whether for dress-up wear, daily wear or for playing sports, a pair of shoes protects feet from cuts,

injuries and infections, and boosts the comfort and confidence of its young owner.

In its beginning stages, Choose to Care will select grant recipients on a request-by-request basis from a variety of

locations worldwide. The organization plans to establish formal selection criteria in the near future. In each case,

Choose to Care will focus on distributing shoes efficiently and accurately

to children and young adults who need them.

In order to realize our mission, we will seek funding from multiple sources, including,

a membership drive, which will allow interested persons to sponsor a child

by buying a pair of shoes for him or her.

The Board of Directors will not profit from the operations of Choose to Care.

Choose to Care will make every effort to ensure that each pair of shoes finds the right feet

and thus the smile of a happier, healthier child.